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Trust at Burning Man Fundraiser

April 20, 2023

Trust's fundraiser with FundRazr is officially public!

We've already raised 10% our goal thanks to the catributors who donated during the soft launch.

And speaking of donations... I've partnered with ArtPush - an amazing arts non-profit in Alameda, CA - as my fiscal sponsor. That means your donations are tax deductible. It helps me and it helps them.

If you can leave a tip when you donate, it will cover the processing fees, ensuring the project gets the full donation.

The money raised will fill the estimated budget gaps between the Black Rock City Honoraria Grant - so grateful for that! - and what is still needed to make this installation a reality.

Campaign ends on June 15th.

Please considering donating if you can and share this link - - far and wide on all your social media thingies and to all your friends, family, art (and cat) loving friends.

Thank mew!! Here we go!

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