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Solar Success

Solar panels acquired! These are old new stock (or new old stock?) from a solar farm. Thanks to Renewables for Artists Team (RAT) and my husband, the electronics genius, I knew what to look for when we tested them. And they tested perfect, even in the fading sunlight of the day. Whew!

Now I design the solar bench that will house the batteries and charge controller while providing shade and a view of Trust for visitors.

The tricky part of the design is to make it hella strong but light AND modular so it's very portable, possibly transforms into storage for the panels while they're on the flatbed trailer.

If we make it from wood, we'll need to paint it to keep wood chips and splinters to a minimum. I'd like to incorporate a storage compartment to hold the backup panel. Maybe it can double as the back of the bench. And I'd love to have a spot to store a telescoping duster.

So much going on in addition to making the cats!

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