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The rolling platform is done thanks to my shop mate, Wes, and my mew friends and volunteers, Louis and Dayana, AND my new shop mates, JR and Amber. Also had help from their helpers who were all working on another project in the shop. Yay!

Wes and I built the platform base in pieces and the plan was to put giant casters on them, flip them and connect the two to make one big platform. A carpenter, I'm not.

When we had our first official work party for Trust, I thought we'd knock that next part out and assemble the cat form in one day. Nope! When we flipped the first base, it started to buckle in the middle. Crap. So we scavenged lumber and made cross beams along the bottoms of both sections.

Some trial and error with caster placement, some more scrap wood reinforcement and then a spectacular forklift dance got the big rolling platform done and ready for the cat form....which would have to wait for the next day.

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