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FundRazr Deadline Extended!

Crowdsourcing for art is not easy! I'm trying to learn how to not get lost in the algorithms but it's confusing and time consuming. I'd rather be making art! :D

However, my FundRazr deadline has been extended - YAY! - and I've lowered the amount I'm seeking.

The most important thing now it to be able to transport Trust to and from Burning Man. That is a $6k hard cost. I can adjust on the build side by getting creative with materials if needed.

And Trust has been invited to go to the Reno Tahoe International Art Show right after Burning Man. This is an incredible opportunity for the project to be seen by thousands of people. Maybe they'll find a purrmanent home in a public location!! I am taking the leap of faith on that possibility but that's an additional $1K for transportation.

So, I've lowered the amount of the fundraiser from $20K to $12K. It's seems more doable and a more realistic - and attainable! - goal. I'll figure out how to sandblast, primer and powder coat the cats another way. It just has to happen. But the focus is getting them to their destinations. They will still be beautiful!

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