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About Trust

Trust Illustration by Molly Gregory


When a cat shows you her butt, she absolutely trusts you. She's like, "Here! You're my human and I feel good about it." And it’s funny!


Meeting new people, experiencing new things - and going to Burning Man! - can be intimidating and overwhelming.


Trust provides comic relief to help people let down their guard and, hopefully, feel safe to trust themselves and other people they encounter within the ring.


Trust is a circle of 5 large, metal, cat sculptures with their butts and tails in the air, buttholes facing inward. Each butthole is decorated differently - disco, infinity mirror, fabric, textured, uv-reactive, etc. Each cat will have a color theme with matching collar: Purple, Turquoise, Chartreuse, Hot Pink, and International Orange. The cats’ eyes light up and each sculpture will cast a colorful glow onto the playa in its theme color.


Within the circle of cats, participants will find a scratching post themed podium with a binder of laminated pages of trust exercises. People can explore and interact with each other inside the "ring of trust." 

The trust exercises provided to visitors inside the circle of cats can offer them fun ways to connect with strangers and possibly build new - or strengthen existing! - relationships.

A nearby cat condo inspired bench houses the solar panels, batteries and charge controller. It provides shade by day and a great viewpoint to gaze at the glowing kitties by night.

Inspiration and Dedication

Each cat sculpture in Trust will be dedicated to someone I lost in the past year.

One of the cat sculptures will be purple (lighting, collar, etc.) and I am dedicating it specifically to my beloved friend, Heather Winfrey. She loved purple, had purple hair, personally rescued hundreds of cats, and loved her friends, family and husband with all her heart. I miss her so much.




Follow along for build progress and fundraising information here.


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